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Wall Space

Written by Helen Hackwell on Saturday, 26 October 2013.

Autumn Canvas in our Lounge

Since we moved house last month, I've found myself looking longingly at homewares in the same way I used to look at handbags and accessories. This sudden craze has me composing mental wishlists of the latest decorative accessories from Next and home furnishings from Laura Ashley, instead of my normal handbags, shoes and accessories addiction.

My current fixation centres on filling all the blank walls in our house. When we moved to Berkshire back in 2011, we moved from a house (which we owned) into a rented flat, our options to put things on the walls were sorely limited and that meant that most of our pictures, photos etc... ended up in storage (thanks Mum...!). Now that we've moved into our new house, I can finally start putting things back on the wall. Opening all the old boxes became something of an adventure, the amount of things you have that you forget about over the space of a couple of a years is truly shocking. That being said, opening boxes of forgotten treasures is like receiving lots of presents that are your perfect taste.

The problem I've run into now, is that all the boxes are open and all our old photo frames, pictures, canvases etc... are up around the house, but I've still got too many blank walls. I realise that in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge problem, but for whatever reason I have a burning desire to fill any and all blank spaces I come across.

Decorative Leaf Plaque

I was delighted when my brother and sister-in-law turned up two weeks ago with a gorgeous canvas print to sit above the fireplace in our living room. It couldn't be more perfect for Autumn with its golden orange tones depicting a couple walking through a park in the rain. On top of this lovely gift, they also bought us a cuddly dog door stop (now called Barnaby) and a black decorative leaf plaque that looks perfect in our spare room.

Toronto Framed Poster

One of my favourite past purchases was a framed poster print of the city of Toronto that now hangs on our landing wall. It was the first birthday present that I bought for my husband, back when we’d just began dating as I knew he loved Toronto and I struggled to find a framed photo or painting that was within my budget (I was still an impoverished student at the time). Framed posters are a great alternative to conventional pictures, you can find a selection of posters and prints on Posterlounge, which has a huge range of options.

Wall Sticker from Next

In addition to traditional pictures and canvases, we've also bought a wall sticker from Next that sits above the bed in our second spare room. I’d never used a wall sticker before, but they’re a great option to break up blank walls with minimal spend and effort and they come off without leaving a mark - the perfect solution while we deliberate on decoration!

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  • Claire


    27 October 2013 at 10:06 |
    I love the wall sticker and the leaf plaque!

    Claire x

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