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Secret Santa Challenge - Part 2

on Saturday, 29 December 2012.

My Illustration!

I was originally going to title this post ‘A Money Supermarket Christmas’, but worried that it would be misinterpreted to suggest that I opted to buy people car insurance as gifts this year. This post is actually the second in my #MSMSecretSanta series and I finally get to share with you the lovely gifts I received from 'The Girl About Town', aka Sarah.

I resisted opening them until Christmas day (lord knows how) which meant I had to explain the #MSMSecretSanta concept to family members at least three times, but nevertheless, the wait proved more than worthwhile. I was delighted to open the first gift to find a beautiful illustration of me (cue expanding ego) commissioned by Sarah and drawn by the talented Jaymie O'Callaghan. A wonderfully unique gift idea and something that I’ll treasure as a testament to my blogging days long after I've hung up my SLR. The second gift was the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas day festivities; Charbonnel et Walker's Handbag & Heel's chocolates (#NomNomNom). Needless to say they didn't last very long.

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates

I can also now reveal the gift that I chose for Sarah and just as importantly, the gift I chose for her cat Hugo. As mentioned in my first post, I spent a fair amount of time reading through her blog, studying her Twitter feed and generally being as nosey as possible in the hope that I’d stumble across a good idea. A few days in I noticed a couple of tweets mentioning her new iPhone 5 and her struggle to find a suitable case for it. I knew Audrey Hepburn was one of her style icons, that she liked cats (obvs) and appreciated illustrations; judging by the lovely depictions on her site (also drawn by Jaymie). So when I came across an iPhone 5 cover that included all of the above I couldn't believe my luck.

Once I'd ordered the iPhone case I then set about researching a gift for Hugo. This involved a trip to Pets At Home; where I proceeded to wander the aisles aimlessly, looking like a complete moron plonker (I'm not responsible enough to own pets… not even fish). After finally arriving at the cat section, I spent another fifteen minutes looking at the insurmountable stack of cat-related festive gifts. You wouldn't believe the choice, it was far harder choosing something for Hugo than it was for Sarah. It took me the best part of my lunch hour to finally make a selection, but I was pleased with my ultimate choice; a ‘Catmess’ stocking full of everything a cat could dream of at Christmas.

Audrey Hepburn iPhone 5 Case by Giant Sparrows

After merrily posting everything I happened to be browsing Sarah’s Instagram feed when I came across a picture she’d uploaded (and I’d previously missed) of her new Audrey Hepburn iPhone case… arghhhhh! Thankfully the one I chose was slightly different and she has since assured me that she does like the one I bought her regardless - phew!

Enough rambling from me, just time to say a quick thank you to Sarah for my lovely gifts and to MoneySupermarket for organising this fun and inventive competition! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I will see you again in 2013!

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