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My Baby Shower

Written by Helen Hackwell on Friday, 21 March 2014.

My Baby Shower

Last Saturday was the first official celebration of our expected arrival in June, who I will refer to as ‘Baby H’ - his/her actual nickname varies greatly depending on who you ask, but ‘Baby H’ is both applicable and fit for public consumption. Although my due date is actually towards the end of June (the 22nd to be precise), one of my best friends, who helped to organise the shower is expecting her own bundle of joy in April, so we wanted to arrange an early baby shower for me so that we could be ready for our new roles as Aunties in just a few weeks’ time!

Boy or Girl?!

Nappy Cake for Everyone!

I hosted the shower at our house, but that was the extent to which I was involved. If only all party planning was as simple as clearing the dining room table to make room for food that other people were providing! I attempted to keep out of the way while the others were setting up, apart from pointing people in the direction of the scissors, it was best for all concerned that I had as little to do with the preparation as possible - especially when it involves food.

Relaxing in the Conservatory


Once all the yummy cakes and nibbles were on display we retreated to the conservatory to enjoy the abnormally sunny spring day. The first of the games was a music-based quiz, we were required to guess the song title and artist name - all the songs contained the word ‘baby’ in the title. Most of them left me scratching my head, with the exception of the Bay City Rollers' ‘Bye Bye Baby’, which my mother-in-law had inadvertently mentioned at the beginning of the game, a much appreciated tip!

The Dirty Diaper Game


The second game involved distinguishing between various different chocolate bars that had been lovingly melted into nappies... urgh! That being said, these nappies will undoubtedly be the pleasantest that I’ll see for quite some time after June.


We paused briefly for lunch, everyone had contributed something (apart from me...). The cupcakes were made by my friend and co-organiser Claire (aka Desperate Blogwife) and were simply delicious! My Mum apologised and said that she hadn't had as much time as she’d like, which meant she had had to buy a cake instead of making one from scratch. She handed me this cake and then proceeded to give me several the tubs full of the homemade brownies, flapjacks and lemon drizzle cake that she had managed to make from scratch. I can only conclude from this that we must have very different ideas as to what can be accomplished when you don't have much time!

Opening Presents

Gifts for Baby H

Post-lunch I got to open all my Baby H’s lovely gifts. If I go through and list them all, we could be here for some time, suffice it to say that he/she was very spoilt and I can’t wait to get started decorating and organising the nursery.

Once Upon a Time...

Cute Baby Things

Assuming I have time (here’s looking at you Mum), I will film a video to share some of the lovely things that we received. We've chosen the ‘Once Upon a Time’ theme from Mamas & Papas as it’s nice and neutral and will hopefully complement the colour of the carpet and walls in the baby’s room. The advantage of having the baby shower quite early is that we hadn't already bought anything, so although I provided a list of ideas, we needed everything from nappies to blankets, bed sheets and beyond!

Comparing Bump Sizes

Catching Up with Old Friends

After a couple more games and some comparing of baby bump sizes, I waved goodbye to those heading home and those of us staying did a quick bit of tidying up and then put our feet up and relaxed. Thank you to everyone that came along it was a wonderful afternoon and thank you on behalf of Baby H for all the lovely gifts!

Pregnant Ladies Together

One final thank you to both my Mum and to my friend Kelly for taking the photos!

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