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Marks & Spencer Valentine's Challenge

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 12 February 2013.

Marks & Spencer Valentine's Challenge

I was sat at my desk at work last week when an email popped into my inbox entitled ‘Marks & Spencer Valentine’s Challenge’, instantly intrigued I opened it up to see what it involved. M&S had decided to challenge 10 bloggers to a ‘Secret Santa’ style project to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As they put it “with Valentine’s Day taking place next week we want to encourage all the girls out there to embrace the day, whether single or in a relationship. After all, the day is about feeling special, right?”. I completely agree and regardless of the fact that I could be celebrating with my husband I’ll actually be spending Thursday evening with my entire family in London, something I’m very much looking forward to!

For this challenge M&S paired up 10 bloggers and asked each of us to select an M&S dress for our secret gift receiver, up to a £50 value. Then, once we’d chosen they posted each of us our surprise dress to wear out on Valentine’s Day. The idea behind this challenge was to create a bit of girl power over Valentine’s and get us ladies trying something new which could make us feel great – what a marvellous idea!

I received the name and blog address of my secret partner on Friday and subsequently spent most of Friday evening browsing through their site (this brought back memories of my verging-on-stalker territory whilst participating in the MSM Christmas challenge). Thankfully my chosen blogger (whose name I’m not yet allowed to reveal) has outfit posts aplenty on her site, which helped make my life much easier when choosing a dress for her. She described her style as ‘versatile’ which is very much the case; bold colours, prints and textures abound in her previous outfit posts.

Having browsed through the best part of a year’s worth of outfit posts (my Friday nights are so rock‘n’roll) I carefully selected the ones I liked best. All of these featured a skater style dress with a full skirt, which, in my-ever-so-humble opinion she totally rocks. Based on that style I pulled up the M&S website and browsed through the vast collection of dresses until I came across ‘the one’. 

Marks & Spencer - Plus Floral Embroidered Cutwork Neckline Skater Dress

‘The one’ as it turned out was the floral embroidered skater dress. A beautiful deep indigo hue with cutwork detailing around the neckline and a flattering full skirt. I really hope my secret blogger likes my choice, I definitely think it will suit her and the subtle colour will also give her the opportunity to build accessories into the look. I’m really excited to see how she styles it!

I’ve yet to receive my Valentine’s dress, it should arrive this afternoon, so keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram feeds for updates. I’ll be taking outfit photos at the weekend and in my next post I’ll also be able to reveal who my secret blogger is...!

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