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Introducing Button

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 24 July 2012.

Last Thursday I arrived home from two days away to find our apartment letterbox overflowing. I assumed this was as a result of the colossal amount of junk mail we receive on a daily basis; but on this occasion the overspill was due to a rather large parcel from Urban Outfitters. And when I say large, I am not exaggerating – I have no idea how our postman managed to fit it through the letterbox, brute force and ignorance sheer determination I guess. Inside the parcel awaited the cutest, fluffiest most adorable soft toy dog I’ve ever seen – a wonderful surprise from my husband. Cue lots of squealing and gushing from me in the middle of the car park.


To describe my new companion as the “cutest dog in the world” was, as it turned out, extraordinarily accurate. This particular snuggly pooch is actually a replica of Boo - The World’s Cutest Dog. For more information see his book, Facebook page or various videos. This dog could give the Kardashian clan a run for their money in the shameless promotion stakes.

When it came to naming my lovable fluffy pal, I drew inspiration from the only thing in the world I considered to be as equally cute and adorable; Jenson Button.

As soon as little Button had been christened, it seemed only appropriate for him to experience his first fashion blog photo shoot. Pomeranians appear to be all the rage amongst the fashion glitterati; attending runway shows, photo shoots and parties - no fashion event is truly complete without an appearance from a blogger’s canine companion. And in keeping with the principle “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I did - albeit with a cuddly soft toy version as appose to the real thing. I spend far too much time away from home to be responsible for an ‘actual’ puppy, but my new plush version has proved to be the perfect travelling companion.

Button in my Louis Vuitton

My infatuation has yet to wane, so be prepared to see lots more of Button in my future blog posts and videos. I’ve always wanted a mascot for The ‘It’ Guide and I think I might just have found the perfect one!

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