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Excuses Excuses

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 21 January 2014.


I love blogging. I love writing about things I'm passionate about and I enjoy meeting fellow bloggers and reading about things they’re passionate about. However, there are occasions where real life can get in the way of your hobbies and passions, or times where for whatever reason you just fancy taking a break from it. That’s the real beauty of part-time blogging for me, I don’t depend on it for an income, although I make a little money from affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, that predominantly goes towards the cost of hosting the site and not supporting me. So when I feel like taking some time away to rediscover my enthusiasm, I can do so without any real concerns or apologies.

It’s now been three months since my last post and with Christmas and New Year aside, a lot has happened over those three months, so I thought it best to catch you up on where I've been and what I've been up to...

Christmas Time

Happy Holidays
Christmas took on an unusual format this year as it was actually us who hosted everyone. Alongside the traditional Christmas activities and games, I chucked in a couple of my own making, the first of which was a murder mystery themed evening (which even my Dad joined in) and the second was my Hackwell-themed Christmas bingo, complete with specially selected prizes! While the holiday period passed quickly (as it always does!), the three days from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day were a complete worldwind and it truly made me appreciate the effort and planning that goes into hosting people over the festive season. Thanks for the last 25+ years Mum!

I'm Pregnant!

Mini ‘It’ Guide
Easily the biggest news I've had to share since I started blogging and the most daunting too. Darren and I are delighted to say that in June this year we will be expecting a new addition to our growing family! One of the reasons my posting schedule has been non-existent of late is due to the crippling tiredness that has plagued me throughout the week, but specifically in the evenings. Although apart from the tiredness, I've escaped with relatively no trouble, I've not suffered from any kind of sickness and apart from a minor drop in appetite, I've pretty much sailed through so far - famous last words anyone?!

I will admit to having a slight moment of panic when I realised that my handbag collection, whilst eclectic, didn't really lend itself to baby changing functionality. My panic was short-lived however, when I spotted this little beauty from Kate Spade - now all I need to do is track down a retailer in the UK!

I've no particular intention of changing the style and content of my posts, but given that this blog is, for the most part, personal, there’s no escaping including some references to maternity clothes and baby things, but I will promise to do my best not to prattle on endlessly.


Generally I avoid making New Year resolutions at all costs, largely because I'm realistic enough to know that I’ll have broken them all by January 2nd, but also because I don’t feel the need to wait for one particular date to set objectives. 2014 has proved to be different and I've been giving some serious thought to what goals and targets I’d like to achieve this year. Who knows what prompted this epiphany, but I started to think about the changes that are going to take place this year and how I can embrace them and make the most of any opportunities that may arise. Keep a look out for a new project that I'm starting work on, a website to help out some of my fellow bloggers with some basic tech tips and advice. They’ll be no diets/lifestyle changes starting before July, but eating healthily is more important now than ever and taking regular, yet gentle exercise is imperative too.

2014 is going to be a big year for me and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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