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Becoming Mum

Written by Helen Hackwell on Thursday, 18 September 2014.

Zachary One Day Old

My waters breaking at 4:30 on a Wednesday morning was the abrupt beginning to the rest of my life.

My contractions followed shortly afterwards so we headed over to Frimley Park hospital to be examined. On arrival we were ushered into a side room and were quickly informed that we would be going nowhere as meconium was present.

Operating Theatre

Having been told since about 30 weeks that the baby's head was down and it was 3/5 engaged you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that our little one was breech and had been throughout! After a quick review of the options, I opted to undergo a cesarean section which offered significantly less risk for the baby. The walk to the operating theatre did little to calm my nerves, but the staff were lovely and made me feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Within 40 minutes I was numb below the waist and hooked up to an array of machinery and minutes later our gorgeous little boy made his appearance.

Zachary with Daddy

His nose was squashed (where he had been crushed against my ribs), but he was completely perfect regardless. We had debated names and eventually settled on Zachary after soliciting opinions from both our parents and all the hospital staff!

Zachary and Mummy

I was kept in hospital for the next two nights and was eventually bailed released allowed home on the Friday afternoon. As every new parent can no-doubt testify, arriving home can be very intimidating, luckily we had Darren's Mum staying with us and all the household tasks were seamlessly taken care of allowing us to spend all our time with our little man.

Zachary One Week Old

The weeks passed quickly, gradually the sleeping got better and we got to witness his personality begin to flourish. Every day is a new adventure and I look forward to sharing our experiences with you over the next few months and years!

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