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Autumn Wish List

Written by Helen Hackwell on Wednesday, 26 October 2011.

It’s been a while since I last posted a wish list; I think I’ve been trying to avoid the temptation to spend and the reality that I can’t afford to. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have gleaned that my husband has been out of work. He was made redundant at the end of July and since then we’ve been doing our best to live frugally – very hard when you spend your days looking at lots of beautiful fashion available to buy online!

But fate has finally decided to come back on side and last week he was offered a new job, much better than the old one as it happens. So now, as we contemplate the colossal move ahead of us (250 miles, give or take), I’ve decided to re-indulge my passion for wishful shopping, in the hope that I will soon be allowed to buy things again!

All of the items on my current wish list actually consist of things I’ve seen my fellow bloggers donning over the past couple of months - associating with fashion bloggers is clearly dangerous for your purse! So in a bit of a twist I thought I’d name and shame those remarkably stylish bloggers who keep (albeit, unbeknown to them) encouraging me to spend.

First up is Olivia Phillips, aka the blogger behind the gorgeously pink hued My New Favourite Thing. Whilst meeting up for dinner at London Fashion Week I couldn’t help but notice her fabulous faux fur gilet from Topshop. This is something that I would never normally think of buying, but I loved the way she styled hers and I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps, if styled similarly, this flufftastic gilet might even suit me.

Olivia from My New Favourite ThingTopshop Faux Fur Gilet

I should also add that this burning desire to own a faux fur gilet had mercifully slipped my mind until I saw a post from another of my blogger friends, Amanda, otherwise known as The Online Stylist. Having also been inspired by Olivia’s outfit at LFW, she now owns two faux fur gilets… but it’s nice to know that it’s not only me that has this problem.

The item on my wish list from Amada’s closet is not a gilet; it’s a cashmere poncho, a poncho that I (again…) laid eyes on for the first time at LFW. An unassuming item in itself, but when styled well, it makes even the simplest of outfits shine. Amanda’s poncho is from Ocabini, and of course I made the mistake of visiting their site and instantly spotting a stunning navy blue version, curses!

Ocabini Cashmere PonchoAmanda aka The Online Stylist

Last on my list, but by no means least, is the ever-so-glamorous, Miss B from A Girl, A Style. Continuing the trend with another item I spotted at LFW – I’m beginning to think I spent more time observing the outfits in the audience than those on the catwalk! And although they are last in my post, these Mulberry booties are top of my list, with ‘wish’ being the operative word should my husband read this post.

Not the most practical shoe to be rushing around London in, but Briony made them work and looked fabulous in turn.

Briony from A Girl, A StyleMulberry Postmans Lock Ankle Boots

So there are the 3 top items on my autumn wish list, all instigated by my fellow fashion bloggers and their prodigious sense of style. If you don’t already read their blogs, then make sure you do!


P.S – I should also add that I am not liable for any over-spending that may occur as a result of reading these blogs :o)

Comments (4)

  • TheOnlineStylist


    26 October 2011 at 19:10 |
    Ah love this H! It's great how we end up inspiring each other - I'm now coveting your Anton Heunis necklace after seeing it at LFW! xxx
  • A Girl, A Style

    A Girl, A Style

    27 October 2011 at 09:51 |
    Ooh thank you lovely! And congratulations to your husband! Where are you moving to?

    And I don't know if I'm allowed to say this about my own things, but I really love the Mulberry boots too. In fact, looking at that picture, if I didn't already own them, I'd buy them!

    Briony xx
  • theitguide


    03 November 2011 at 08:49 |
    Thanks guys! Such fabulous and coveted items - for me at least!

    Briony - We're moving to Winnersh, so a lot closer to London, yey :)
  • halliekw


    09 November 2011 at 07:26 |
    Just stumbled across your blog - so glad! You have such a fun, engaging writing style. :)

    Those booties are STUNNING! Great choice - thanks for sharing, lady!


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