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A Deeper Shade of Blue

Written by Helen Hackwell on Thursday, 27 November 2014.

A Deeper Shade of Blue Outfit

The downside to titling this post ‘A Deeper Shade of Blue’ is that the Steps song has been stuck in my head ever since. Still, at least it’s a change from The Wheels on The Bus!

Today’s outfit was what I chose to wear for my first girl’s night out since Zachary was born. I was very excited about the prospect of covering up and wearing something that didn't require easy access for breastfeeding… oh the novelty! I opted for jeans and a top as appose to a dress, the plan was to head into Ascot for a few drinks and a quick bite to eat and so I decided smart-casual was the way to go.

Mint Velvet Black Chiffon Overlay Tee

I’d gone shopping the week before and fallen in love with this top from Mint Velvet. MV was one of my favourite pre-pregnancy brands and it felt only apt that it be my first post-pregnancy clothing purchase. The simple, yet flattering cut gave me room to accessorise, whilst hiding my ‘mummy tummy’ with remarkable success.

Blue is very much the theme of this outfit and that’s carried through to my handbag choice, which is my AILA clutch bag. I've worn this bag so many times the electric blue colour has started to fade, but there’s still plenty of life left in it at present.

Marks & Spencer Colbalt Blue Cardiagan

My jeans were also a new purchase from Oasis - no elastic waist to be found here, which if I’m honest, I do kind of miss, maternity jeans are so comfy it’s hard to go back!

The cardigan is from Marks & Spencer, as soon as I spotted it I simply couldn't resist the colour, they have a range of items in the same cobalt blue and I’m now the proud owner of both this and a loose-fit blouse in the same shade.

Anton Heunis Necklace

My necklace is from Anton Heunis, it weighs an absolute tonne and I couldn't wear it for longer than an evening, but I love it never-the-less and I've not been able to wear long necklaces when in charge of baby so it makes for a nice change.

Ash Jalouse Boots

Last but by no means least, my Ash Jalouse ankle boots were as brave as I was prepared to get as regards heels. My feet have only just got back to their pre-pregnancy size (five months later!), so my limited footwear choice has at last widened just in time for the festive season - although I’m not sure I’ll be breaking out the stilettos just yet!

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Jalouse Leather Ankle Boots

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