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A Boutique Named Desire

on Monday, 11 February 2013.

Designer Desirables Designer Desirables Black Chunky Rib GEEK Jumper Designer Desirables Dark Khaki Sequin Sleeves Parka Jacket Designer Desirables Scarlet Red Short Double Breasted Coat Designer Desirables Diamante Gold Chain Skull Beige Fine Knit Jumper Designer Desirables Grey Abstract Print Hooded Fleece Unisex Onesie

In between the madness that surrounds the Christmas holidays and festive season, there are always a few moments when you can find yourself at a bit of a loss. I generally spend these precious few minutes (in between kitchen chaos and family gatherings) browsing the web, catching up with fellow bloggers and perusing the online sales. This year was no exception, as soon as we were headed home from my parents-in-law I was glued to my iPad, catching up with my peers and (more importantly) having a good nosey at their Christmas gifts.

It was during one of these festive-buffet blackouts that I came across the Designer Desirables online boutique. They stock a huge range of women’s designer clothes and it’s not hard to see why the name 'Designer Desirables' was chosen. Coveted brands such as Traffic People, Love From Australia, Forever Unique and House of Dereon can be found alongside in-house designs that provide price on top of exceptional quality.

In addition to an almost overwhelming collection of pieces, one of my favourite features of this site is the ‘shop by celeb’ section. Some of you may remember the original incarnation of The ‘It’ Guide provided you with a list of items as worn by your favourite celebrities, so it’s no surprise really that I would love that concept!

Favourites from the available collections include their scarlet red coat, the khaki jacket with sequinned sleeves (practical yet glamorous!), their very appropriate ‘geek’ sweater and of course… the ubiquitous onesie!

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