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100 Things You Need to Know This Season!

Written by Helen Hackwell on Wednesday, 16 March 2011.

As Amanda (The Online Stylist) and I were leaving the my-wardrobe.com Everyday Luxury event at Sketch London, we were ecstatically delighted to receive a goody bag full of delights from the my-wardrobe.com team. Inside there was a gift card for £100 (more on this later, as I still haven’t decided what to treat myself to) and interestingly there was also a guide entitled ‘100 Things You Need to Know This Season!”.

As per my normal routine, I opened my bag to explore its contents whilst camped out at Paddington station awaiting a train to whisk me back to my parent’s house – I stay with them when I attend events in London. I was merrily flicking through the aforementioned guide when, out of nowhere (literally!), a drunk and dishevelled tramp descended upon me to ask for some money to “buy a cup of tea”... ahem...

I was severely concerned about his proximity to my ‘borrowed’ Halston Heritage bag, so I quickly grabbed a £2 coin from my purse and thrust it at him. He thanked me profusely and then appeared to lean in, as if to air kiss me on the cheek. This was all too much for me and in an instance I whipped the guide up in front of my face to deflect his attention and scurried away to take refuge in Marks & Spencer.

So not only is this guide a very useful fashion resource, it also works well as a weapon of defence to stop drunken tramps getting too near!!

Post tramp incident, I have taken time to carefully read through this guide and found it truly fascinating. Whilst I enjoyed the general features on forthcoming trends, my favourite sections were undoubtedly the ones featuring ‘real people’. I loved seeing how different working women styled their favourite pieces and I particularly enjoyed spotting a few familiar faces from the my-wardrobe.com team.

If asked to pick a favourite inspiration/trend, it would have to be number 065, the Mulberry Family Tree. What more is there to say, I love all things Mulberry. My favourite picks from the current season have to be the Cory Tote and the legendary Tillie.

In an effort to prove to the world how dedicated I am to my new found love of fashion. I have been revising hard to ensure that I learn all of the ‘100 Things I Need to Know This Season!’. And for further evidence of this see below:

100 Things You Need to Know This Season!

100 Things You Need to Know This Season!

100 Things You Need to Know This Season!

100 Things You Need to Know This Season!

Now I’m off to review my grocery shopping bill to work out how much money I can save by only buying essentials and thus put towards a Mulberry bag! Who needs a loaf of bread anyway... I’ll go on a no carb diet...


Comments (2)

  • TheOnlineStylist


    16 March 2011 at 17:48 |
    Ha Ha!!! LOVE these photos.. classic!! The book is fab isn't it? I can't leave it alone. And remarkably enough, I still have my gift card too - am hanging onto it to see if I can achieve that birthday Michael Kors bag! xxx
  • Helen Hackwell

    Helen Hackwell

    21 March 2011 at 13:16 |
    I've got my eye on these for our States trip as well: http://bit.ly/guAcCf. I am very tempted to save mine and hope for a birthday Mulberry, but I'm not sure my chances are very good :(

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