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Snuggle Up in Autumn Knits

on Wednesday, 03 October 2012. Posted in Shopping, Fashion

Perhaps it’s just me, but the temperature in the UK appears to have dropped recently and although it would be premature to declare that winter is on its way, there is certainly a chill in the air that hints at the continued shift in the weather over the coming months. This new autumn bite has left me reaching for my comfy knits and warmer coats earlier that I expected. That being said, this is British weather we’re talking about and its continual unpredictability is legendary.

The Spirit of The City

on Thursday, 13 September 2012. Posted in Trends, Fashion

Reiss AW12 Collection - Coat

Is it wrong that I find myself willing the weather to cool down?! Not that we really had much of a summer anyway. But that complaint aside, my present-day desire to see the temperature drop a few degrees is unquestionably a result of AW12 collections like this from Reiss…

Formula Faux Pas

on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Posted in Trends, Fashion

My current guilty pleasure takes place once a fortnight (which immediately rules out ‘The Only Way is Essex’). During which, you’ll find me curled up on the sofa, eagerly awaiting the sight of this week’s exotic destination. Recently there’s been Belgium, Italy, Singapore and next week we’ll be jetting off (figuratively speaking) to Japan.  And just in case you’re still not sure what I’m referring too, I am of course talking about the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Not the most ladylike of sports to follow I’ll admit, but I love it all the same. Which is why I feel qualified in my position as fashion blogger and Formula 1 fan to address an important issue that this season’s drivers seem to be struggling with.

Michael Schumacher

Need I say much more...

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